We are in business to evolve a sustainable coexistence of nature and human. Each product concept starts with evaluating how we can develop responsible materials within a circular model to reduce the environmental and social impact. We like to see ourselves taking a lead with redefining what it means to be a responsible brand.

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 The Revolwe / Slater Designs collaboration Eco-Leash incorporates a number of unique features that have dramatically reduced its carbon footprint in comparison to other leashes on the market....

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We humans exist only on planet earth and are heavily dependent on the natural resources and ecosystems. According to some scientific estimates, humans inhabited the earth for about 300,000 years, and the human civilizations dated back to 4,000 BC (Victor, 2018). For most of human history, we have lived sustainably and pretty much in harmony with the nature. However, industrialization accelerated the pace of humans controlling nature for our lifestyle. Industrialization also catalyzed the linear economy in which take-make-use-dispose culture is accentuated. In the last hundred years, the rapidly growing as well as urbanizing human population is excessively consuming the planet’s limited resources and polluting the ecosystems.

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Was born through

Recycle - Use waste as a resource

Evolution - Develop the future

We - We are all in this together