Recycle - Use waste as a resource
Evolution - Develop the future
We - We are all in this together


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Photo by: Nordic Surfers Mag



We are Revolwe!
We like surfing and we like the environment. What we don’t like is plastic and garbage ruining our oceans!

We’ve been surfing and doing water sports for our entire life and feel a strong connection to the ocean.

There’s no better feeling to paddle out for pumping waves with your closest mates.
To see the stoke on each others face and just be there, in that magic moment!
This is something we want to give to our future kids, to your kids and everyone elses.
To be able to do this we need to enlighten the importans to keep on recycling and use waste as a resource along with sustainable and eco-friendly materials and to prove that you can create performing products with those materials.
Unfortunately the ocean is one of the most polluted places on earth.
Only ≈5% of plastics are recycled effectively, ≈40% ends up in landfills and  ≈33% ends up in our oceans.
That is 8 million tonnes of plastic leaking out in the oceans every year, killing the marine life and polluting the waves we love!
That is why we want to create the best surf products for both you as a surfer and the environment, without sacrificing performance.



We’re reducing the CO2 emitted in the polymer manufacturing process by up to ~80% compared to conventional neoprene!

We're using polyester made from certified post-consumer PET bottles in our products. Every 500 gram of recycled polyester yarn used in our products reduces raw material usage and energy consumption by 61000 BTU's. This is equivalent of 2 liters of gasoline.