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Revolwe® EVO Traction Series is a result of our rigid R&D, 
This high performance traction pad is bio-based
with ingredients sourced from waste in the food industry.

  • Bio-based
  • Superior Grip
  • 4-Piece
  • 2.5mm Thick 
  • Black/White Color

Traditional EVA are releasing +1.84 kgC02 eq/kg. compared to our material, Revolwe® Bio-EVO,
that's only having an impact of -2.09 kgC02 eq/kg.
Revolwe® Bio-EVO-process is collecting more CO2 than it is releasing. 

Even though we select materials with the high sustainability standards...

Everything has an impact, everything!

From R&D to finished product in your hand.

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Recovers 1 kg of ocean-bound plastic Plastic is cleaned from rivers and shorelines, providing income to local waste pickers. You can track your impact after purchase.